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About Pi-One

Pi-One was a partnership under the German Civil Code (german: "Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts" (GbR)) headquartered in Bonn. Pi-One has been founded by the four computer scientists

at the beginning of 2009. After they have graduated from the University of Aachen (RWTH) they joined the team of Prof. Dr. Felix Freiling at the University of Mannheim. There they were working as reasearch assistants and doing their PhD at the Laboratory for Dependable Distributed Systems headed by Prof. Felix Freiling. Within their thesis as well as in their daily work they consider a variety of different IT-security aspects. This has been reflected in the topics of the trainings and customized software solutions they offered.

Due to their work at university they gained knowledge and practical experience in both knowledge transfer and education. Moreover, they gained experience within the context of different projects with public authorities, e.g., the Federal Crime Police Office and different State Offices of Criminal Investigation, particularly in working with confidential data.

After 10 years of moonlighning the four founders stopped this project end of 2019.